Oportunidad para profesor en USP, São Paulo

The Department of Political Science at the University of São Paulo announces the opening of a full-time (RDIDP MS-3), tenure-track faculty position by public tender, on the topic of Democracy, Public Policy, and Inequality.

The monthly salary is BRL R$ 10.670,76 (May/2016).

Applications will only be received online, through the link https://uspdigital.usp.br/gr/admissao (in the English version of the website, for “institution” choose “College of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences”, and then “PhD Professor, Department of Political Science”.

The deadline is June 5, 2017, until 5:00 PM Brasilia Time. Enclosed is the competition notice in Portuguese. For further information, please contact the Department of Political Science at the e-mail address alvarodevita@usp.br.

The topics below are the subjects of examination.

Democracy, Public Policy, and Inequality

  1. Inequality and Public Policies in Brazil
  2. Politics, policies and inequality
  3. Theories and models for the analysis of public policies
  4. Normative theories of justice and inequality
  5. Democracy, inequalityand welfare
  6. The measurement of inequality and poverty
  7. The issue of inequality in the theory of the state
  8. Redistribution and capacities in welfare theory
  9. Democracy, political competition, and redistribution
  10. Multidimensionality in studies concerning inequality