Call: Country Experts for V-Dem for Selected Countries

Call: Country Experts for V-Dem for Selected Countries


Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is looking for Country Experts to assist with the next update in January 2018, willing to contribute to making the largest dataset on democracy even better in the future. In these times when democracy is at risk in many places, offer a few hours of your time, and contribute to the common good for science and international society!

We are facing a specific challenge with a few countries/survey areas in:

Country Experts one or more surveys/areas. of questions. The coding is entirely web-based. The default language is English but surveys are also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. Please note that V-Dem applies a rigorous vetting and application process. Generally, a Country Expert holds a PhD degree and has specialized knowledge in at least one of the sections of the V-Dem survey. We are grateful for your assistance.

The V-Dem project depends upon the expertise of those who study the world of democracy. The success of the project, and its continuance, depends upon the contributions we receive from scholars around the world.

To apply to become a Country Expert, please email Natalia Stepanova at

V-Dem is a global, collaborative research project providing the largest ever database on democracy, headquartered at the V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. V-Dem provides distinct indices of electoral, liberal, participatory, deliberative, and egalitarian democracy, as well as some 40 indices of specific components of democracy and over 350 detailed indicators, for 177 countries over 117 years. The dataset contains 17 million data points, available for download or for online analysis free of charge on the V-Dem webpage:

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