International Conference on Cross-Movement Mobilization

isb-logoPanel: Engaging Difference – Lessons from Cross-Movement Mobilizations in Latin America

Session organizers: Johanna Leinius (Goethe-University Frankfurt/ipb), Eva Kalny (University of Hannover) & Marco Antonio Teixeira (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

In the last decades, social mobilization in Latin America has been transformed as Latin America’s always existing complexity and diversity has been politicized: In 1992, Latin American social movements recalled ‘500 Years of Indigenous, Black, and Popular Resistance’ and demanded an end to the marginalization and discrimination of indigenous and Afro-Latin communities. From the Zapatista uprising to the Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Encounters and the World Social Forum, building cross-movement alliances has been at the forefront of mobilization strategies and internal reflections for social movements in Latin America.

Recognizing the knowledge and valuing the experiences of marginalized communities has been a central concern not only for decolonial approaches in academia, but also for indigenous, afro-Latin, women’s, and peasant movements. Popular education approaches and feminist pedagogies have needed to rethink the revolutionary subject their approaches are directed at and are continuously reformed to fit contemporary Latin American realities.

This panel focuses on movement experiences with cross-movement mobilization in Latin America. Its particular focus are the experiences, knowledges, and practices of emancipatory social movements striving to challenge Latin American coloniality. The panel asks: How does cross-movement mobilization play out in Latin America? Is there a particular practice of Latin American cross-movement mobilization? What role do popular education methodologies and feminist approaches play in the alliance-building approaches between heterogeneous social movements? How are actors from the global North implicated in these processes? What factors contribute to the success or failure of cross-movement mobilization in Latin America?

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